Why ParentWise?
ParentWise is a community movement to nurture a generation of confident parents and those involved in the future of our children. As much as we know it takes a village to raise a child, it also takes a village to raise a parent. We are part of that village. We believe a parent’s education happens best in “group or village learning” rather than traditional methods of learning in silo, such as reading books or searching the Internet for answers. Through our unique learning initiatives and evidence-based tips on our multipurpose digital platform, we’re bringing together parents and their village for meaningful conversations and interactions that will make parenting wisdom accessible to all. We hope to meet parents and caregivers where you are, that you may find support from trusted and credible science as well as the wider community around you, so as to become the best you can be for your little ones.
Our Beliefs
Our Values
We seek to understand, putting our ears to the ground to deeply understand the fears, concerns and dreams of parents — creating a safe space for them to be understood.
We encourage parents to explore and seek out new perspectives and receive insights to overcome the challenges. The "aha" moment is just around the corner!
We advocate a sense of adventure, helping parents gain confidence to develop their unique style of parenting and assemble their own village without fear of failure.
We believe that the journey means little if we do not enjoy it, so we couldn't stress more on the importance of being present in every moment to savour and celebrate small wins.
We demonstrate love in practical, felt ways that parents can relate to, modelling the grace, compassion and empathy needed in the everyday practice of nurturing our children.